Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The beautiful Danish Royal Yacht DANNEBROG photographed in Copenhagen on 19 August 2007 by my good friend Captain Amadeu Albuquerque, master of the Pullmantur cruise ship BLUE MOON. One of the last active Royal Yachts left in Europe, the DANNEBROG was built at the Copenhagen Royal Dockyard in 1931-32 and commissioned on 20 May that year. The 75 m long yacht has a full load displacement of 1.130 tons and is powered by 2 Burmeister & Wain Alpha diesel engines with the total output of 1.800 bhp. These engines were fitted in 1981 during a refit. A twin screw ship, the DANNEBROG can achieve a speed of 14 knots. She has a normal complement of 55 officers and crew. I saw the DANNEBROG in Lisbon in 1998 during the EXPO98, and she really is a gem. Thanks to Captain Albuquerque for sending the image.
Text copyright L.M.Correia. DANNEBROG photographed by Captain Amadeu Albuquerque. For other posts and images, check our archive at the right column of the main page. Thanks for your visit and comments. Luís Miguel Correia

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