Thursday, January 31, 2008

RUSSIAN NAVY cruiser MOSKVA in Lisbon

The Russian Navy missile cruiser MOSKVA ex-SLAVA (commissioned in 1982) arrived in Lisbon on 25 January for a visit. She left on 28th January and was docked at the Rocha Passenger Ship Terminal. The presence of this cruiser from the former Soviet Navy and the cold war days in Lisbon was quite interesting. The ship is particularly attractive with a paraphernalia of electronics and armement, most of it already outdated. A nice way of a Russian Naval ship to show the flag in Portuguese waters. Welcome, MOSKVA...
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Anonymous said...

Yesteday we visited the ship. I was suprised that these russians where not that friendly. I say hello nice to meet you in russian, but they didnt say a word and give me the bad eye. Well....its good they arrived in portugal, the homeland of not friendly people.