Monday, May 07, 2007

Beautiful M.S. FRAM

The new Norwegian cruise ship FRAM photographed in Lisbon on 4th May 2007 by Luís Miguel Correia - Copyright photographs

We were able to visit the brand-new Norwegian cruise ship FRAM on her inaugural cruise in Lisbon on 4th May and photograph her nice interiors and decks. The Port of Lisbon Cruise Manager Manuela Patrício and the FRAM captain exchanged gifts as seen on one of the pictures.

The FRAM is a very interesting ship, her interiors are very comfortable and soft, the decks are well designed for the cruise passengers to enjoy the unusual scenes in Greenland or in the South Seas. A modern example of a ship small and beautiful.

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Mage said...

As always, marvelous. Thank you........Mage B from LL


Thanks, me, I'm glad you enjoy your visits to my SHIPS & THE SEA....

Anonymous said...

Fram will visit Lisbon in April:

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