Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RMS CARINTHIA (1925-1940)

R.M.S. CARINTHIA (read Royal Mail Steamer CARINTHIA) was one of Cunard's intermediate passenger liners and cruise ships constructed after WW1. A fine liner and cruise ship, the CARINTHIA was built in Barraw by Vickers and completed in August 1925. She sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to New York on 22 August 1925 and could accomodate 1.650 passengers and a crew of 450 - 2.000 souls onboard. A twin screw steam turbine passenger ship of 20.277 gross registered tons, the CARINTHIA was an exact sister to the FRANCONIA of 1923 which survived WW2 and retturned to passenger service until 1956.
The CARINTHIA was more or less the same size as the Portuguese flagship INFANTE DOM HENRIQUE of 1961: her hull was 190.2 meters long and 22.4 meters wide. The steam turbines developed 13.500 SHP and she had a service speed of 16 knots.
In September 1939 the CARINTHIA was one of many passengers ships converted to war duties. She became an armed merchant cruiser and was lost off the Irish Coast on 7 June 1940 when she sunk following German submarine (U46) torpedo attack on 6 June. Four people died. 
In 1956 a new CARINTHIA was commissioned by Cunard Line.
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