Friday, March 25, 2011

FUNCHAL new livery...

The Portuguese registered cruise ship FUNCHAL is undergoing a very extensive refit in Lisbon due to SOLAS new regulations and in order to upgrade her passenger and crew quarters.
This refit costing about 12 million Euros will enable the FUNCHAL to continue sailing the oceans world wide for many more years to come as off July 2011.
Steel hull plating has been extensively renewed already, and in May she returns to the NAVALROCHA drydock and the hull will be blasted, all old paint removed and a new livery applied: the FUNCHAL will have again a black hull and yellow funnel, in a very similar way to her original form back in 1961, as can be seen in this computer generated image. Please note the logo to be retained is the present one, it was not fitted to scale on the computer image.
With a "secret SOLASS recomendation" to have all cruise ships painted either white and blue or with dark blue hulls, it is  very interesting to see the FUNCHAL looking more classic than ever...
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