Sunday, February 17, 2013

CANBERRA underway at sea

CANBERRA is regarded today as one of the most famous passenger liners of the twentieth century and a masterpiece of the no less famous Harland & Wolff shipyard of Belfast.
On 16 August 1995 I had the good chance to photograph her at sea outside the lanes on the Atlantic side of Gibraltar Straits. 
I was onboard the FUNCHAL going to the Med and it was just one of those magic moments. As both ships were  moving at more than 35 knots combined speed it all went really fast...
CANBERRA  was nearing the end of her long career as in just two years time she was sold to be broken up in Pakistan.
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Laurence Miller said...

Luis, lovely photos showing the ship at its best and at sea!!

Laurence Miller said...

Luis, lovely photos (as usual) showing the ship at her best.

Thank you! Larry

CAP CRÉUS said...

Tive o privilégio de o ver várias vezes em São Miguel e de o visitar. Tenho ainda uma moeda atirada de bordo :-)

VMF said...

Simply outstanding, CANBERRA at her best, remarkable moment of Maritime and Shipping History.

Thank you