Thursday, July 04, 2013


The cruise ship AZORES is the second ship to have the new Portuscale livery during a refit at Marseilles, France. See here some photos. Probably the black hull does not fit so well on this and DANAE as on FUNCHAL and PORTO / ARION, but it is a nice refreshing different approach to cruise ship liveries.
Meanwhile in Lisbon FUNCHAL is still at the Navalrocha yard. Hull and superstructures have been totally sandblasted, some changes are already visible to her profile at the stern, and she is scheduled to leave Lisbon on 6 August on a positioning cruise to Scandinavia. She will be back in Lisbon by 20 September and then sails on a 10-day cruise to the Azores calling at four of the nine islands. Then she sails to Nice and departs on a cruise to the Eastern Med geared to a French operator. There is talk that she may go to Madeira Island for the new year's eve fire works.
PORTO ex-ARION and LISBOA ex-PRINCESS DANAE are berthed in Lisbon at Santa Apolónia, with PORTO available for charter, so it seems. She has been there gleaming in new paint for a full month.  
LISBOA is being refitted with some new cabins and changes to public rooms while being used as accommodation ship for people working on FUNCHAL.  
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