Monday, September 21, 2015

BERMUDA ships by Bill Miller

Bill Miller talks about the Bermuda ships: "Bound for Bermuda: Fifty years ago, in September 1965, you could have booked a 6-day cruise from New York to Bermuda and back onboard the British-flag Furness Bermuda Line. The fare for an inside room down C Deck, with upper & lower bunks and a private shower & toilet was $145. Comparatively, the roomy Sandringham Suite on B Deck -- with bedroom, sitting room and full bathroom (including tub bath) -- was priced at $590 for the 6 days. In off season, in late fall and chilly winter, these fares dropped by as much as $20.
You'd sail from Pier 95, at West 55th Street along Manhattan's West Side, at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday would be a sea day while Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent docked in Bermuda. Thursday was another sea day before one of the Furness liners returned to New York at 8:30am on Friday mornings. Unheard of today, the ship then remained quietly overnight at Pier 95.
Bermuda-based, Stephen Card is one of the world's finest marine artists. One of his latest works is of two of his favorite ships, the Furness liners -- the impressive Queen of Bermuda (with three funnels) and the smaller, yacht-like Ocean Monarch (at dock). It is a superb painting, scheduled to be shown at Stephen's one-man show in Bermuda next June. Best congratulations to him!
The Queen carried up to 735 passengers; the Monarch was more limited with 440 beds. A staffmember once described the smaller Ocean Monarch as being like "the Alfred to Queen Victoria -- the consort!"
Painting by S. Card.
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