Thursday, March 04, 2010

Final Glory...

It took me hours to take this underway photograph of the Greek cruise ship OCEAN GLORY I arriving Lisbon on 28 June 2001 on what proved to be her final cruise. It was a troubled voyage and the ship was several hours late, so I decided to go off to the river Tagus mouth just in case there might be light problems. I waited, and waited, and waited until a small slow column of black smoke appeared over the horizon. There she was...
I always had a special interest for this ship I first remember as the PROVENCE. Then as ENRICO C and later as ENRICO COSTA she was a frequent visitor to Lisbon. See her as ENRICO here.
In 2001 she was chartered to a British tour operator for a series of cruises, but then all went wrong and she was detained on her arrival in Lisbon, being allowed to depart for Dover three days later where she was detained again, and this time for good. All cruises were canceled and after a period in lay up, she went to Alang to be scrapped. More OCEAN GLORY I photos here.
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