Wednesday, February 09, 2011

LISBON: The Perfection of European Winter Cruising

With the growing number of cruise ships now operating winter cruises in western european waters, Lisbon now has more and more ships calling in our deep winter season than on previous years, that means during the months of January and February. 
And I must say this is an ideal time to cruise into Lisbon. Cruises are less expensive, there are not so many tourists going around and on many days the weather is just fantastic, with deep blue sky and a clean atmosphere, just looking like spring, only less hot.
In the photograph, the LOUIS MAJESTY leaves Lisbon on 6 February 2011 in the afternoon from Santa Apolónia terminal, cruising by scenic old downtown Lisbon. The Praça do Comércio  (Black Horse) Square and the 900-year old Lisbon Cathedral can be seen clearly.
This is one of about 100 photos I took of LOUIS MAJESTY making her second call in Lisbon. Hope you all enjoy...
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