Wednesday, December 05, 2012

LEONARDO in New York

"Born in Hoboken, then lured to the banks of the Hudson and seeing those great ships just like me, Tony La Forgia remembered: In the 1950s, my father was a docker, working at Piers A, B and C in Hoboken, for the American Export Lines. This was my personal introduction. The waterfront became my favorite place and mostly to watch and follow the movements of the passenger ships that came and went with almost seven day-a-week regularity. As with Bill, the liners were like “friends”. They were familiar figures as well as creations of beauty, elegance, power. Each ship, it seemed, had a separate personality and some were great favorites, of course. For me, the Nieuw Amsterdam was absolute perfection. She was the perfect vision – with her light gray hull and two yellow, green & white funnels – as she was tied-up at the Fifth Street pier." 
All-star cast along the waterfront: I took this photo of the glorious lookingLeonardo da Vinci in March 1973, from the lower level of Pier 86. She was departing on a six-week-long Mediterranean cruise. I was experimenting and also having fun: I had just purchased a Telephoto Zoom lens for my ever-trusty Honeywell-Pentax camera.
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